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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Monk Parakeets and their nests

During the BwBTC outing last weekend in Milford, CT we came upon a Monk Parakeet nest. This one seemed to contain just one pair. The nest was enormous and it was obvious that sparrows were probably calling it home as well.

As we watched, the pair continuously carried large sticks such as the one seen here to add to their nests. These nests are more like condominiums as usually more than one pair lives in the nest, each having their own nesting chamber.

These are big nests.
In Brooklyn there are several colonies as well. There are nests on the Brooklyn College Campus as well as in Greenwood Cemetery. Fascinating birds.


forestal said...

fantastic pics; i didnt get any

dAwN said...

Oh cool pic of the Parakeet flying in with the stick!
Hope you are feeling well!
Sending warm healing wishes to you!

Anonymous said...

Ha! I am going to be posting the samething soon. (I've been holding off.) I am pulling together a blog-up/meetup/tweet-up at Jamaica Bay on Aug 22nd. I you are around, please come join u.
Here is a link to who all is going.