Songo Blue Skies

Monday, May 24, 2010

Shore Birds: Eggs, Nests and Chicks

Had a wonderful walk at Breezy Point on Saturday with my friend Andrea.  Just to be walking on the beach on a sunny but cool day was so relaxing, and the birds were spectacular!
Nesting Tern
The greeting committee as you enter the beach! They actually are not shy about sh-- on you....

These two Black Skimmers could be  Football Refs: Score!!! 
Sanderling changing to breeding plumage
Oystercatcher parents and chicks
3 Oystercatcher chicks

The eggs were sometimes just laying on the beach, well out of the nesting restricted area, so you had to watch where you were walking.
Piping Plover

Black Skimmers

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Little More Central Park

Although we saw a lot of birds, little warblers up in the canopy are difficult to photograph. The  light wasn't the best during some of the day either. So, as we wandered so did my camera when I wasn't looking through the bins.  
I was told a story about this rather large bullfrog. That once a warbler got a little too close to him; he swallowed it whole.


The streaking in the background of the duck picture is rain. Taken from The Castle, at least we had shelter for the real rain of the day. While we waited it out, we saw male and female Rose-Breasted Grosbeak, a Spotted Sandpiper, a Baltimore Oriole and of course a few warblers. 

Here is another view of the Black and White Warbler. It was a fun day with a great group of people.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Central Park Birding

I experienced birding in Central Park for the first time. Luke Tiller from Sunrise Birding and led again with a little help from Catherine of Birdspot, We saw lots of Warblers but they were way up in the trees and I didn't get any pictures except for the Black and White Warbler, which I really wanted to see. The rhodendrons were blooming and provided a lot of color to the park and I got a few shots of them and a few other assorted items, but I'll save those for later this week. It was great to be with so many experienced birders because honestly the warblers are hard to spot, and even when you get them in your bins it's sometimes hard to sort them out. It's a lot easier when someone says, "a Magnolia Warbler at 10:00," and then you can find it. My thanks to all those birders but especially Luke and Catherine.
Oops, these aren't birds! I just liked the color and the symmetry Two Red Umbrellas and Two Trees.
Black and White Warbler
Red-Bellied Woodpecker
Robin on a nest. We saw three Robins nesting and those nests were not too far off the ground either.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Puffins on Machias Seal Island