Songo Blue Skies

Thursday, August 11, 2011

An Evening Walk at Breezy Point

I visited my friend at Breezy Point, Rockaways, Queens, NY. After dinner we walked along the beach for awhile. There was a beautiful sunset. Nice evening with a friend.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Gray-Headed Gull at Coney Island.

Last Tuesday after Jamaica Bay we went by Coney Island to see if we could find the reported Gray-headed Gull. It didn't take long. Those around watching, noticed that his flight feathers looked a little ragged as well as a couple seemed to be missing. Still a beautiful bird. So glad we got to see it. I hope the bird will return to the Palm tree sprinkler or be relocated so others can continue to see this gorgeous bird.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Action at John's Pond, Jamaica Bay

There wasn't a lot going on in the heat at the West Pond at Jamaica Bay but John's Pond had a lot of action. A fishing Great Egret and 3 juvenile Black-Crowned Herons and an adult Black-Crowned Heron. There were a few foraging assorted shore birds.
Got it

A tasty morsel
Down the hatch

Now for a little preening

When we first arrived there was an adult Black-Crowned Night Heron and three juveniles.  The adult took off quickly but the three juveniles stayed around the pond. The juveniles are also Black-Crowned Night herons. The immature Black-Crowned Heron is browner and their spots are larger  then the immature Yellow-Crowned Night Heron which is grayer and more finely speckled as well as having longer legs.  Two of the juveniles had quite a game over a stick. You can see other smaller shore birds in a few of the pictures.

The other juvenile stayed on this branch and preened the whole time.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Baby, Babies Everywhere

In Maine, where I try to escape to as soon as school is over, we found a nesting Eastern Phoebe over the kitchen door. It is the perfect place; a small ledge under/protected by a porch. The first day there I could see two little beaks coming up when mom arrived, but mom was also still sitting. A couple days later I could make out three babies. On the last day as I took pictures there were four babies with open beaks!

Mom or dad on the look out for bugs, juicy bugs.

When I returned from Maine I went to Breezy Point to see Common Tern babies. I found babies of all sizes and ages. Those still under mom are 1-3 days old usually. They were so much fun to watch.

Fish please! Down here, don't you see us.

I don't want the grass, I want a fish, please!

Hope you are all enjoying the summer. Shore birds are coming back, Yeah!