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Monday, August 1, 2011

Baby, Babies Everywhere

In Maine, where I try to escape to as soon as school is over, we found a nesting Eastern Phoebe over the kitchen door. It is the perfect place; a small ledge under/protected by a porch. The first day there I could see two little beaks coming up when mom arrived, but mom was also still sitting. A couple days later I could make out three babies. On the last day as I took pictures there were four babies with open beaks!

Mom or dad on the look out for bugs, juicy bugs.

When I returned from Maine I went to Breezy Point to see Common Tern babies. I found babies of all sizes and ages. Those still under mom are 1-3 days old usually. They were so much fun to watch.

Fish please! Down here, don't you see us.

I don't want the grass, I want a fish, please!

Hope you are all enjoying the summer. Shore birds are coming back, Yeah!


forestal said...

fantastic captures. So wonderful to see all the babies.


Kerri said...

Oh, I just LOVE seeing the babies!! Great captures!!

Shervin Hess et al said...

Beautiful. Did you stop by the marsh when you were in Breezy?

Cindy said...
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Cindy said...

Thanks Dan. BWBTC outing in Sept?
Thanks for stopping by Kerri. Shervin thanks. I did not go to the marsh that time. I would love to come out and help in Sept some time.