Songo Blue Skies

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Well, it is Saturday of the Memorial Day Weekend. My sister and I talked about which weekend we could go to Maine. The owners will be there for most of the summer so we are trying to go before then. I looked up on the internet and saw that the ice was out as of 26 April.
Which reminds me that I went up to Songo in February.
I stayed at North Conway for the weekend. On Friday I got going in the morning and headed toward Gorham, NH. I traveled up Rt. 16 passing Mt Washington and passing through Gorham. My Grandparents moved to Gorham with their 6 children about 1928. My grandfather was one of the town's Drs. for many years and the manager of the baseball team. He was known as Doc Johnson. By the time I got to Gorham it had started snowing. I then headed east for Bethel. I had lunch in a warm and cozy cafe before heading out to the lake. Oh, I also got to see the building of the world's largest snow women, Olympia. They were about halfway done creating her at the time.
I visited with my cousin for a little bit and then walked on the lake. It was wonderful to walk on the lake with the snow coming down. As I was on the ice I took a few pictures of the land. One picture I got was of a birch tree and the other one standing in front of it by the side of the camp. When I put a black mat around it, it looked to me as if the two trees were dancing. I discovered how great trees look on film with the snow coming down. I also saw that we forgot to take the clothes line down at the end of last season. Funny the things you notice in pictures.