Songo Blue Skies

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Couple of Rarities

   Since the summer, I live a little closer to Prospect Park. I really didn't do much birding there prior to last spring. But this fall has seen some uncommon birds and it has been fun to see them. First there was the Barnacle Goose.When I arrived late afternoon he was in the middle of the lake with other Canada Geese. He looked to be swimming toward the west side which was closer to me anyhow. I walked around and several birders gathered hoping to get a glimpse. Boy were we lucky he swam right to us but stayed off shore while the Canada geese came ashore and milled around.

Such a pretty goose.

       Then this week a Grasshopper Sparrow was reported hanging around the Friends Cemetery in Prospect Park. I used it as an excuse to leave school earlier than normal; it was still daylight.  I couldn't find the sparrow and there was a lot of gas powered saws cutting up some of the beautiful trees that fell during the storm in the cemetery. I saw several thrushes and a pair of Bluebirds which surprised me. I walked back toward the area where he had been reported and a tiny bird hopped right in front of me and there he was. I had seen several pictures posted so I recognized it immediately. This is one tame bird. He got so close a couple of times my camera couldn't even take a picture.  I watched him forage for about 40 minutes. I couldn't see anything worth eating on the sidewalk but he sure seemed to be enjoying it. He has the cutest hop when he wants to move fast.
     2 life birds! Unfortunately there is a Nor'easter heading our way...just what Brooklyn and NYC needs; another storm with high winds. Hopefully this little sparrow will find some shelter or fly south out of the storm along with the Bluebirds.

I think this sparrow is so beautifully marked. Notice the touch of bright yellow on the primary coverts (hope I got that right?)

Finding a nice fat worm

Enjoy and stay warm.