Songo Blue Skies

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Snowy Egret Dances on East Pond, Jamaica Bay

It has been a while since I posted or got out birding for that matter...too many excuses but after kayaking I headed over to the East Pond at Jamaica Bay. Very nice conditions this year as I easily walked around the cove starting from the north end.  I had the pond to myself even the birds weren't many. However I had great fun watching a snowy egret dance around. Notice this snowy's usual yellow loral area, before the eye, is a deep orange. It is orange during the breeding season, which I had never seen or just hadn't noticed before. Of course it's wearing it's "golden dancing shoes."

Let me take my golden dance shoes on the wing....

Since there was no further action of East Pond, I headed for John's Pond and that is where all the bird action was with several juvenile night herons etc.. but next time.