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Monday, May 24, 2010

Shore Birds: Eggs, Nests and Chicks

Had a wonderful walk at Breezy Point on Saturday with my friend Andrea.  Just to be walking on the beach on a sunny but cool day was so relaxing, and the birds were spectacular!
Nesting Tern
The greeting committee as you enter the beach! They actually are not shy about sh-- on you....

These two Black Skimmers could be  Football Refs: Score!!! 
Sanderling changing to breeding plumage
Oystercatcher parents and chicks
3 Oystercatcher chicks

The eggs were sometimes just laying on the beach, well out of the nesting restricted area, so you had to watch where you were walking.
Piping Plover

Black Skimmers


matthew houskeeper said...

You are becoming quite the birder. That's great. Love the Black Skimmers photo

Cindy said...

Thanks Matthew! Birding is quite addictive! It gets me outside on weekends, which keeps me saner during the week when I work with my 7th graders.

The Early Birder said...

My first time here...enjoyed all the species seen along the beach, especially the Skimmers.
Regards Frank (aka FAB).