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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Up, Up and Away

3,000 miles later I am home from my trip. I started out heading for Minnesota to find graves of my gg and ggg grandparents. Then I headed south to Missouri to find the grave of another gg grandmother and finally to a dear friend house in Illinois. While in IL there was a Hot-Air Balloon Festival in Centralia where my friend lives. This was the 21st year for the festival. I took alot of pictures because they were all just beautiful.

They inflated the balloons on Friday night and then lit them calling it "The Glow." They could not fly them Sat morning because there had been heavy rain the night before. Many people gathered to watch the event.

As they were blowing up the balloons Sunday morning I was able to catch a few with reflections in the catfish pond.



 Before long the balloon's air is heated enough and off they go into the sky. That is when they are really beautiful. They flew on Sunday morning and Sunday evening. Tomorrow I'll show you some of my favorite shots.

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