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Monday, August 2, 2010

Cape Cod Memories

On the first day I was in North Truro on Cape Cod we took a walk on one of the well known trails. This is the Pilgrim's Heights Trail. On one of the side trails you come to a spring where the Pilgrims first tasted fresh water.

We visited the Pilgrim Monument. This is a tower build to commemorate the Pilgrims landing. It was built 100 years ago. I liked this view taken looking down from the winding staircase that you climb to the top. This was about half way.

At the end of the first day we went to
watch the sun set at the end of Great Hollow Road. There were these three cottages. I liked it because it just looked wild, with the long grass at the edge of a cliff over looking the ocean. The sunset wasn't spectacular but the setting was.

However as far as sunsets go the following night's surpassed everything! We ate supper on the beach and drank in the sunset for dessert.

Sunset from Herring Cove Beach Provincetown, MA
Hydrangeas taken in front of Fanizzi's restaurant
Lacecap Hydrangeas
Sunset by the cottage at the end of Great Hollow Road
Lighthouse in Hyannis Harbor
This was the last stop on my trip to the Cape. I have a few more pictures from the Fishing Pier at Chatham and some birds from South Beach..for another post. 
Hope everyone is enjoying the weather of August.


Andrea said...

The pictures are terrific. The sunset picture with the young boy fishing looks like a Norman Rockwell moment!

Cindy said...

Thanks Andrea, Glad you were there with me.

Shirley said...

Cindy, absolutely gorgeous! Certainly makes me want to go there.

The Early Birder said...

Lovely sunset at the Cape Cindy. The sun has disappeared here and we are expecting more rain..well at least the garden plants will be happy. FAB.