Songo Blue Skies

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Trees and Beaches in Snow

I went on my winter meander earlier this week. These pictures are starting from the end, but it's fun to go backwards sometimes.
I was in Portsmouth, NH for the big snow. The morning after the snow was gorgeous. Sunny and everything was snow covered before the sun got to it.

I love it, the beach covered with snow. This was along 1A south.


dAwN said...

Really beautiful snowy photos! Stay warm!

forestal said...

Lovely photos


A New England Life said...

Cindy you couldn't have picked a prettier week-end to visit the NH seacoast area! Hope you enjoyed your time here.

I so love the beach after the snow. The blanket of white highlights the rocks and all that surround them.


Cindy said...

Sharon, I couldn't agree with you more. The day after the snow was gorgeous. Thanks for all the tips about where to go.