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Monday, August 24, 2009

Two Immatures

I was walking the dog in Brooklyn on Thursday night. Just as I was about to leave the dead end street I looked toward the Gowanus Canal. There was a heron sitting there. I ran home to get the camera praying it would still be there. Here it is. Upon checking the bird book it was an immature Black-Crowned Night Heron and a beautiful bird. "Hey Mr. Night Heron don't you know that you are sitting on the most polluted body of water on earth! Please don't drink or fish in the canal!!

Saturday I joined some blogging birders (Bev from Behind the Bins organized this event and Corey of 10,000 birds led us around) at Jamaica Bay Wildlife refuge in Queens, NY. There were lots of shore birds. In the afternoon we walked up to a birdblind on Big John's Pond (on East Pond side of the road) and just on the other side was sitting an immature Yellow-Crowned Night Heron.


Steve B said...

Two good birds.

A New England Life said...

That's some great birding, especially the B-C Night Heron. Maybe it was looking for a little attention!

Sounds like a great time at the birding event. Such wonderful bloggers out there.

dAwN said...

Nice pics Cindy...that first one is real cool with the glowing red it is sitting on...hope you convinced it to go to better unpolluted waters!
Glad you had some good birds on your outing!
Sounds like everyone had a grand time!

forestal said...

Neat looking birds, great pictures


Cindy said...

Thanks Steve, Sharon, Dawn and Dan. Wish you all could have made it to Jamaica Bay. Next year maybe.

Goosey said...

I have never seen anything like that bird, what a great sighting.

Gary Heller said...

I alwasy liked the wildlife preserve in Jamaica Bay. I have the Salt Marsh nature preserve right here so I usually visit locally now. Not as vast andgrand as the Jamaica Bay preserve but still has its treats.
You have some nice shots, and i like the heron on the Gowanus Canal.
You managed to get a pretty good pic of it sitting there.
Quite cool.

Robin Robinson said...

Great Black-crowned NHe. I got some sots of those last summer. For some reason, I saw more of them the past summer than i've ever seen combined in my life. Gorgeous birds.