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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Peacocks in Shakespeare?

I went with my sister to see, "A Midnight Summer's Dream," performed by CT Free Shakespeare. A friend of mine, Abbie, who is also a founding member of the group played Helena. It was a great show. So how do the Peacocks fit in? Well, they were the comic relief!!

The show was at the Beardsley Zoo in Bridgeport, CT. There were several peacocks roaming the area. You practically had to step on them for them to get out of your way. During the show there was 1 peacock who roosted on the top front edge of the stage roof. He appeared to be watching the show and would comment screeching three times at the appropriate points. It was hilarious. I wonder how much he got paid?

If you get a chance they are appearing in Guilford, CT on the Guilford Green at 7:30 from tonight, Wed 5 August, thru Saturday night. Take a chair or a blanket and a picnic and enjoy! For more information and a review go to:


dAwN said...

ohhh..such cool close ups!
Hey..glad to hear you are doing well!

forestal said...

very nice pictures

Larry said...

Nice close up shots! Guilford is a nice town-that sounds like fun.