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Saturday, February 14, 2009

It's been a long time !

Mt Washington over Saco River, N Conway, NH

Well, I started the blog with a lot of enthusiasm, but then life crept in. Since I'm a teacher I do get some nice breaks. That's when I do my genealogy research and blog etc.. This year has seemed especially busy at my school. I volunteered for a couple of committees, but then was put on several others as well. It seems like I just meet one deadline and then I find another one in the cue waiting.
I was up in the Brooklyn Historical Society building last night where they were having a crafts fair. I talked to Gary Heller, a photographer showing his work [ His blog is linked below]. Really liked his images. It inspired me to get back to blogging and posting some of my own photos. In fact as it is winter break, I am hoping this week to take a couple of short trips. One to upstate NY, Delaware CO to take some pictures and to do some research on the woman that our school is named after. Then I am hoping to get up to Maine, NH. A bit ambitious perhaps. It is the creative process of taking photos and getting out into the countryside that relaxes me and renews me. We'll see where I end up.


Beth said...

I'm so glad that you posted again and I hope that you have a wonderful trip to the north country this week. My teacher husband is off this week too. My e-mail is Let me know if you are going to be in western Maine and perhaps we can get together for a cup of tea and/or some snowshoeing.

Anonymous said...

Your pictures are gorgeous. You also do Genealogy work. I did that years ago and I try to keep up with it but life gets in the way alot. I was born in Ohio, raised in Michigan. My mother married my step-father when I was 15. He was in the Air Force and we were transferred to Homestead, FL when I was 17. I love Michigan, though. Even though I was raised in the suburbs, I love the country. I love the snow (not shoveling so much but still love the snow)! I am still in Florida but for some reason feel that I am needed where I am, so, have not ventured back north yet.


Cindy said...

Thanks Cheryl,

My X was in the Army so I lived all over during my early my adult life. I was born in Maine but my parents soon moved to MA where I mostly grew up. I go to Maine every summer and sometimes in the winter just to take pictures and enjoy some rural life. I love Maine and think seriously of moving there as soon as my youngest gets out of college. We shall see
Thanks for writing.