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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Three Ways to Eat Blueberries

 Okay, so maybe it should read "Three Creatures That Delight in Eating Blueberries" or "A Maine Breakfast of Champions."

American Robin

Now that's a mouthful
I love the way this little chipmunk ate the blueberry. He got an awful lot of bites out of just one blueberry.

And for the final creature or way to eat blueberries.. drum roll please.......

 It's tradition that we eat blueberry muffins on one of the first days we arrive in Maine. A yummy tradition. These were baked in the same kitchen that I use to visit from next door and eat home made "Scotchies" when I was a very little girl. No wonder I love this kitchen so much... In fact the muffins are sitting on a Duchess Atlantic, wood burning stove, out of Portland Maine. The very stove that the cookies were baked in.

Coming up a post about birding the Maine Coast  with Kathie from Kathie's Birds


Catherine Cage said...

Now I am longing for Maine! Great pictures mommy!

Kathie Brown said...

Well done, Cynthia! I love me some blueberries too! Cute pics!