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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Just a Mallard, Not

This mallard was having a Sunday morning bath, but not just any old type of bath. I mean a diving, swimming underwater, coming up and shaking off and diving again kind of bath!  I had never seen a mallard do that. I've seen mergansers, loons and other diving type birds do this but not a mallard. But whose to say he shouldn't enjoy his Sunday morning bath. I was enjoying my Sunday morning walk in the park and watching him.

Taken in Prospect Park on a Sunday morning.


Frank said...

Hi Cindy. This is not such unusual behaviour ... just part of its full brush up and preening programme.

I love it when they emerge from underwater and have a good shake!

Andrea said...

Cindy-Did you ever upload and ID the birds we saw at Breezy a few weeks ago? The possible scaup and the shorebirds at the ocean that were too big for peeps?

Cindy said...

Andrea, I will get to those next week. I have looked at them. The small one may be a dunlan so I'm not sure about the others.

Thanks Frank, he does look all spick and span...LOL