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Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Great BwBTC Birding Adventure

What a gorgeous, weather wise, day we had for the BwBTC outing in RI on Sat. Dan of NatureObservances wrote a great account in detail and Larry of The Brownstone Birding Blog wrote a clever and very funny account. I believe we saw 70 different birds for the day.
My day started by oversleeping (of all days) and thank goodness I was already in Rhode Island and therefore only 15 minutes late.  I was the one who fell in the mud, "Baby Steps," Jeff advised afterwards, and it worked. At least it was the mud I fell in and not the water! After that the day went smoothly. Many laughs and good birding and other discussions with old and new friends. Dawn and Jeff of Dawns bloggy blog did a fantastic job of organizing and scouting out the places we birded, Thank You!

"Don't you even think about getting near my fish; somebody already ate half of it."

Western Sandpiper

Semipalmated Sandpiper (I think)

 Fledgling Black-billed Cuckoo
When we first saw this bird that John (Birdman from Bridgewater) found, the parent was feeding it a rather large green grasshopper. It was amazing to watch. The parent held onto the grasshopper while the fledgling would grab on and chew and then let go. This went on for a good five minutes until the fledgeling got the grasshopper to a point it could swallow it.

Female Ring-necked Pheasant
This particular bird just weaved in and out of the brush and across the path as if non of us were there.

American Painted Lady


Larry said...

Really sharp photos! It was nice seeing you -maybe our paths will cross again before next year but until then i'll keep an eye on your blog.

Cindy said...

Thanks Larry for dropping by. Hope we run into each other birding also

dAwN said...

Howdee Cindy!
Great photos!
It sure was great birding with you again!
I love girlies like you, who can fall in the mud, walk thru water and bird all day and love every minute of it..the good and the bad.

I hope we can bird together again..You are lots of fun!

BirdingGirl said...

Great post Cindy! Thanks for sharing your pictures- I'm glad to see you captured one of the Cuckoo! It was great meeting you and birding with you. :)

Cindy said...

Thanks cathleen. It was great to meet and talk with you also. Looking forward to seeing your pictures of the event.