Songo Blue Skies

Saturday, July 17, 2010

American White Pelican, Immature Forster's Tern and Others

American White Pelican - East side of  North Channel Bridge
Below -Immature Forster's Tern West Pond Jamaica Bay

Lesser Yellowlegs-East Pond Jamaica Bay

Snowy Egret
Semipalmated Sandpiper


MaineBirder said...

Very nice photo series Cindy!

dAwN said...

Oh so glad you got to see the White Pelican! I read about one being seen in your area.
Hoping to get a group together end of august sometime..will let you know

Larry said...

I've never seen a live pelican before-very cool!

Felix Aguado (Aves) said...

Hi, I'm from Madrid, Spain, and I just come to spend two weeks in New York.

Apart from the sightseeing I got some time for birdwatching in Jamaica Bay. As you can imagine was very interesting because almost everything are new species that there are not in Europe.

I would have liked also see pelican.

You can see some photos of my visit in

regars and sorry for my english