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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Two Awesome Osprey Nests

I first saw these magnificent birds while living in Panama. It was around Thanksgiving I saw one  sitting on a dead branch that stuck out the top of a tree across from our house. It took me a month before I finally found a bird book that helped me identify it. I've been watching a couple of pairs and nests at Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge. Two weeks ago the chicks were still small but now they are exercising their wings and are a good size. Hope you enjoy!   The first nest in the marsh.

The second nest along Cross Bay Boulevard


A New England Life said...

That's awesome! 2 Oprey nests with babies! Looks like they will be fledging pretty soon too.

We have a local Osprey nest but I'm not sure if they had any success. It doesn't appear to me as though they have, but I haven't been up close. From a distance I don't see anything happening though.

It's wonderful how the Osprey have made such a comeback in recent years here in the northeast.

Brita said...

I recognize this nest...we never saw the birds there however. Perhaps we'll get lucky this summer. I did however see one of the Ospreys on a traffic light in Sunset Park last summer! It sat there for some time while I stood in awe, then it gracefully flew off towards the water,(presumably back to Jamaica Bay!)