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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Gloucester: A working Seaport

I grew up in Natick, MA, but it has been some time since I spent much time in MA. Wanting to get a way for a few days and having a new digital camera I decided to go someplace picturesque.
Seeing Steve B's ( and others lead me to Cape Ann or the other Cape as they say in MA.

I had two gorgeous days! The sun was out and it was on the warmish side with blue skies and a few mid-day white clouds.

My first sight of the ocean was in Magnolia (above). The view was breath taking; the water was so blue and the sandstone colored rocks made a beautiful contrast.
Then I rode into Gloucester. I had been here as a teenager but that was eons ago. I walked along the water front and watched lots of seagulls and a few boats but the harbor wasn't very active when I was there.

I went back to the harbor in the evening. I saw this seal lazing on a rock and also took the picture I posted yesterday. I walked along the beach and picked up some ocean washed glass and watched more seagulls and ducks.
Lastly, I always love seeing this old paint manufacturing building in the pictures I see of Gloucester. It was the subject of several of my pictures but this one at sundown was my favorite.

Tomorrow its back to school, but these pictures and memories will keep me going until June.

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Steve B said...

Glad to see that you could carve out a little time for Cape Ann. Thanks for showing your friends out town.

Cindy said...

Steve, It was your pictures that were the inspiration for wanting to visit Cape Ann. Thanks

Goosey said...

That first picture is so pretty, it would make a great landscape quilt inspiration!What a lovely place to visit.