Songo Blue Skies

Sunday, March 22, 2009

A hope for Spring and painful muscles.

Guess I won't be posting any long stories today. I have pulled a muscle in my shoulder blade that is getting more painful every day. Off to the Dr. tomorrow I hope. Nothing is helping; ice, heat or 2 Aleve even.

So just a beautiful flower for your enjoyment and despite the snow flurries we had on Friday, the hope that Spring is really here.


matthew houskeeper said...

I hope you are feeling better.

Today had a little hope of Spring in it.

Elenka said...

Hi! I have lots of pics from Maine on my blog 'cause I live there! I agree, it's great....just the winters are a tad long!

Cindy said...

Thanks Matthew. I am actually feeling better but still taking aleve. Start physical therapy Monday

Elenka, thanks, I checked out your site. I too am a teacher. what's it like teaching in maine?

John Theberge said...

I love this photo, can't beat the complimentary colors of blue against yellow. I looked through your earlier posts too, I've been to Machias Seal Island a few times, it's a great plce to visit.